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The site is still not fully back to nornmal but is functioning.

To contact us please use http://surica47@gmail.com

The Woodland Trust and The National Trust working at Fingle Woods, near Drewesteignton, Devon are looking for three internships one of which is an archaeology intern. If you are interested or know anyone who is please have a look at the link below and pass it on-


ACE Archaeology Club is based in Mid Devon but we work in other areas of Devon.  We are dedicated to investigating and protecting Devon’s Archaeological Heritage.

The club is an active local group of people of all ages devoted to the promotion, use and investigation of all the many aspects  of archaeology, from surveying, experimental archaeology, field walking, participation in excavations and archive research, from palaeolithic to more recent times. The Club provides opportunities to meet others interested in archaeology, to visit sites of interest and to take part in practical and experimental archaeology.

The Club also provides tuition in archaeological techniques such as surveying and recording, as well as the opportunity to take part in excavations.

The First Ten Years of ACE takes us through ACE from its very beginnings right up until 2007.

ACE provided much of the organisation and people for the Archaeology and Bracken Project under the direction of Dr. Sandy Gerrard. The project started in 1997 with volunteers and was been adopted by ACE since 2003. The importance of the round house chosen for the Project has led to further surveys and projects on Dartmoor.

Our main project now is the Moistown Archaeological Project.